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Help Organizations Create and Deliver Products Better, Faster and Cheaper

成功不是偶然的. Rather, it’s the result of adept planning and execution. In Tiffin University’s supply management program, you’ll learn about all the functions that go into creating a smooth flow of goods – from 操作 planning, 采购和采购到生产, 配送和运输. You’ll learn the latest methodologies used by leading organizations. You’ll acquire a solid foundation in the critical aspects of supply chain management, equipping you with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in this dynamic and rewarding field.

With supply chains becoming more complex, 竞争日趋激烈, and the standards for business performance rapidly increasing, companies in every industry are searching for supply chain management professionals. The BBA in 供应链管理 will prepare you to be conversant in the language, applications and techniques of supply chain management, enabling you to help meet these organization’s supply chain needs.

在程序中, you’ll study supply chain management as a cross-functional discipline involving many components of business including product development, 计划和预测, 采购及采购, 库存管理, 操作, 销售, 产品交付, 客户服务, 和更多的. You’ll learn how a well-managed supply chain – by helping to provide quality products, outstanding 客户服务 and effective cost control – can have a direct, positive impact on a company’s profitability.

Well grounded in all critical aspects of supply chain management, you’ll be encouraged to take the Certification examination administered by the American Production and Inventory Control Society leading to the 设计ation of Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP). 另外, by utilizing six of their eight open electives, 供应链管理 students can also earn a second major in 生产管理.

Professional 供应链管理 Training

  • Experienced faculty bring real-world knowledge and expertise to the classroom.
  • Study in small classes where faculty are heavily engaged in your success.
  • 教师 advisors are assigned upon completion of your first year.
  • Flexible curriculum allows you to double major, or minor, in areas that interest you.
  • Gain real-world experience through the required internship.
  • Benefit from extensive mentorship and networking opportunities.
  • The TU 商学院 is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).


This accelerated pathway allows you to take classes that count as dual credit towards both your BBA and MBA degrees, giving you the ability to earn a bachelor’s and master’s in just five years, 节省你的时间和金钱. 了解我们的MBA课程.

教师 teaching in the supply chain management program come from various manufacturing backgrounds, 曾在通用汽车等公司工作过, 库珀轮胎 & 橡胶和大力神轮胎和橡胶. They have also worked in small family-owned firms. The perspective of having worked in small, medium and large organizations brings a valuable perspective in teaching about the distinct realities and complexities of real-life supply chains.

Our professional program is all about the real world of supply chain management. You’ll learn all about production, shipment and distribution of products. Covering everything from inventory to production to 销售, our program will prepare you as specialist who can comprehend and manage the entire supply chain. You’ll learn to work with others to create, 生产和提供商品和服务, and you’ll make sure it’s all done on time and within budget. The in-depth understanding you’ll bring will be crucial to any business that makes and sells products.

作为项目的一部分, you’ll have the opportunity to take the Certification examination administered by the American Production and Inventory Control Society leading to the 设计ation of Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP).


In a real-world study of supply chain management, you’ll gain the career-ready knowledge and skills to:

  • Understand information flows and product movement from raw material to the customer.
  • Get the right product to the right place, at the right time, at the right price.
  • Coordinate supply chain functions not only within firms, but with their business partners and customers.
  • Achieve a competitive advantage for an organization by knowing how to manage its supply chains.
  • Gain your own competitive edge as you begin an exciting career in supply chain management.

在供应链管理程序, we use current events to bring to light real-time, 现实世界的管理问题. 作为现实生活研究的一部分, 你将参与案例研究讨论, presentations and actual case study development. 你将与商界领袖互动, 高级管理人员, 企业家及理工大学校友, 让内容和理论鲜活起来.

Experiential learning is important because it encourages critical thinking, 解决问题, 和决策, 我们项目的支柱是什么. 除了, hands-on learning fills the gap between theory and practice and gives you a firsthand opportunity to apply what has been taught.


  • Case studies – step into the role of the key decision maker, 分析情况, and decide what you’d do to address the challenges.
  • Collaborative assignments and projects – develop important teamwork skills as you learn to work effectively within a group.
  • Pair or group discussions – become adept at presenting and debating different points of view.
  • 访问ing professionals – learn from and interact with business professionals in the field.
  • Capstone courses and projects – demonstrate learning and knowledge, 磨练技能,提升你的简历.
  • MGT 495 capstone course – sharpen your professional knowledge and skills throughout the course’s simulation game.
  • Research – gain a better understanding of concepts and theories, while enhancing your problem-solving skills.
  • 实习-积累经验, learn how a professional workplace operates, 制作简历, expand your network and increase your marketability.
  • Service learning – develop practical skills through activities with community partners such as 政府ernment agencies or non-政府ernmental organizations.


  • ACC228管理会计- 3小时
  • CST312 Information Systems for Managers – 3 hours
  • CST412 IT项目管理- 3小时
  • MGT221 供应链管理 – 3 hours
  • MGT301 Organizational Behavior – 3 hours
  • MGT317 人力资源管理 – 3 hours
  • MGT324 Logistics and Distribution – 3 hours
  • MGT356质量管理- 3小时
  • MGT422 Materials Management and Procurement – 3 hours
  • MGT455精益组织- 3小时

合计- 30小时


This is a sample course sequence to illustrate course offerings for this major. Consult the official Academic 公告 for detailed registration and advising information.


供应链管理(MGT221) – This course is an overview of supply chain management and will briefly cover the topics of procurement, 精益组织, 全面质量管理, 物流及物料管理.

人力资源管理(MGT317) – A study of the human resource function in business. Major areas of study will include staffing, 招聘, 培训和发展, 工资及薪金管理, job analysis and evaluation and labor relations.

质量管理(MGT356) – A study of Quality Management principles and philosophy including the ideas of Deming, 朱兰和克罗斯比, 员工参与, 改善, statistical process control and Six Sigma.

Materials Management and Procurement (MGT422) – Studying the requirements for managing the flow of materials in various processes to include planning and inventory control. The nature of the procurement function in organizations, 包括供应商关系, 供应商选择, issuing of contracts and contract law as it relates to procurement, long-term partnering and make versus buy decisions.

精益组织(MGT455) – The application of just-in-time principles throughout the supply chain, including how to define and eliminate waste; the utilization of information in lieu of inventory; Pull versus Push systems; Kanban signaling and material coordination; and an in-depth look at the Toyota Production System.


在校园 – Offered in a 15-week semester format with start dates of January and August

Jobs for supply chain management majors are projected to grow 30% in the next 10 years, 中等年薪是76美元,根据美国的统计.S. 劳工统计局.

  • 区域经理
  • 业务运营专员
  • 采购钢材/管材
  • 电脑用户支援专员
  • 客户服务代表
  • 扣款解决专员
  • 财务经理
  • 工业生产经理
  • 精益顾问
  • 物流客户经理
  • 物流经理
  • 量产采购
  • 物料管理主管
  • 生产调度程序
  • 项目管理专员
  • 采购部专员
  • 质量经理
  • 供应链经理
  • 亚马逊
  • 美国本田汽车公司
  • 雪佛龙菲利普斯化工公司
  • 天纳克
  • 火星
  • 阿尔玛纳医院集团
  • 全面优质物流
  • J.M. 等公司





“Using my TU network has helped me to land an internship and ultimately full-time staff accountant position at a Fortune 50 company. I have presented quarterly and yearly data to large groups including 高级管理人员 as well as assist in several projects including software testing of a West and East business unit merger in which we are integrating the entire company.”

To truly stand out, we must not feel compelled to fit in.